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WL Laney, Founder - Inventor
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Earn $105.00 Per hour
Earn 50% on product sales
Control your time and income
Low entry cost
Financing available (oac)
Above average income

Our founder is committed to helping you set up your own successful home based business. He invented the sharpening system to take care of the stylist's most important tool - the hair cutting scissors - without ruining or damaging the blade like so many other sharpening machines.

Mr. Laney searched world wide for qualified scissors manufacturers to make the Musashi Shear to his exacting specifications.

Everything you need in the way of tools and products for your new home based business is included in the "Complete Business Package" we offer you.

Call today for registration in our next training class. 303-217-8660

Fast Cash Now You can begin earning an above average income your first week after training.

Your customers - professional hair stylists are waiting for you to "finally" come to their rescue.

Our patented sharpening system lets you stand head and shoulders above the competition.

With our patented technology, you, and only you, can return their hair cutting scissors to factory new cutting condition.

As the owner of our home-based business, you get all the benefits of business ownership without a huge out of pocket expense.

Our complete business package is exactly that - complete!

The Diamond Rose System is truly a home-based business. Working from your home eliminates the need to pay rent, utilities and other expenses normally associated with the operation of a small business.

Working from home gives you all the advantages of business ownership with out the overhead and related risks of signing a long term lease for office space. Nor do you have to come up with the money for deposits on utilities, phone service and other expenses like office furniture and etc. Our low price includes everything you need to get started in this dynamic home based business.

Product Sales selling our fine Musashi Shears Product Sales Proudly sell our complete line of fine Musashi Shears and add significantly to your home based business income.

There is no better time to sell shears than when you are sharpening their dull, lower quality scissors.

A typical hair stylist can be expected to purchase at least one new pair of scissors each year. While some may not have purchased in five or six years you'll find others purchase multiple new shears every year.

Our Musashi Shears are a top quality hair cutting shear that we make affordable by pricing it 15% to 20% lower than comparable high quality shears found in other top brands; plus we offer stylists an interest free payment option for up to eighteen months.

This way any working stylist can afford one or more of our fine Musashi Shears and you can make multiple scissors sales every day you are at work in the salons.
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